ACSA is specialized in international student recruitment in Universities and colleges in the U.S.A.

ACSA (American Collegiate Scholarship Association)



The University Academic Scholarships Program is designed for international students to receive scholarships to American universities exclusively available to ACSA candidates. Scholarships are awarded based upon each student's academic potential and willingness to get involved in the campus community by sharing ideas and experiences with other students on campus from different parts of the world.

The Program fee is subject to obtaining a minimum of 7 scholarship offers and, therefore, allows a zero financial risk to the participant: if the scholarship offers are not obtained, a full refund is provided.

Participants can begin or continue (previous work may be transferred) with a university undergraduate career or English as a second language courses in the United States. Geographic regions and institutions of preference by the participant are taken into consideration. However, ACSA cannot guarantee a scholarship offer from the selected institutions.

ACSA works with a large number of universities across all over the United States in the development of their international student base. American universities understand the value that a multi-cultural student body adds to the campus community and classroom experience and are, therefore, willing to offer special scholarships to attract and retain ACSA candidates.

The Program provides an excellent opportunity for traditional students because ACSA's professional assistance increases the chances of accessing the prestigious American higher educational system through scholarships. This experience allows scholars to pursue an academic career at a higher education institution in the United States and obtain a degree that is widely recognized within national and international employment markets. The Program maintains a 100% success rate in securing scholarships and placing its participants at American universities.

Candidates can apply to begin classes in the Fall (August) or Spring (January) semesters.

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Program Development

After the candidate signs the contract and completes his/her file, ACSA develops a customized profile. The participant's personal profile that ACSA introduces and promotes within participating American institutions is evaluated by professionals in each academic area. One of the universities' objectives during this process is to carefully match the participant's profile with the institution's philosophy.

Finally, the universities determine the amount of scholarship to award to the participant based upon their evaluation of the candidate and institutional objectives.

Program Development - Overview

  1. Personal interview to identify the student's objective (addressing academic interest, extracurricular activities, and preferences among others).
  2. Student admission into the program: contract signing, admission form, and academic major selection.
  3. Counseling interview (see insert of this section).
  4. Completing the Student File.
  5. Developing the participant's personal profile.
  6. Submitting and distribution of the student's profile within offices and representatives of ACSA in the USA.
  7. Introducing the participant's profile and personal contact with the universities' admission departments by ACSA College Relations Department in the U.S.
  8. Evaluation of the objectives and characteristics of the participant by each university to determine the amount of scholarship to award.
  9. Informing the participant about personal scholarship offerings.
  10. Decision making process by the participant.
  11. Beginning the university admission process.
  12. Obtaining the I-20 document and guidance in obtaining the student's visa.

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Admission Requirements

Students interested in improving their English proficiency level. Fluency in English or professional experience are neither a requirement for participation or have an influence in the scholarship awarding process.


Being in one of the following categories:
  • Currently attending the last year of high school
  • High school graduate
  • Currently attending university (classes can be transferred)
  • University graduate (classes can be transferred)
Present the following
  • Signed service contract.
  • Completed Program Admission Form.
  • Curriculum vitae (resume) including academic and extra-curricular activities (athletics, arts, and/or others).


Spaces are reserved on a "first come-first served" basis. In other words, after the representative identifies that the potential participant is a good fit for the program, the client must

  • Sign the contract and provide the initial payment in order to reserve his/her space in the program.
  • As a second step, the admission form, English evaluation, and all other supporting documents are required to complete the student profile.

In case ACSA clearly establishes that the candidate does not qualify, the process and the contract are immediately terminated and any amounts already paid will be refunded to the participant. In the unlikely event that the participant does not obtain the objectives established by contract, any amounts already paid will be refunded to the participant. This helps to ensure that the program is working with serious and committed students.

Student File:

As described in the Appendix A of the client contract. The following documents are to be presented by the client:

  • Complete Program Admission Form.
  • ACSA counseling interview.
  • Medical release letter.
  • Present curriculum vitae (resume) indicating academic and extra-curricular activities (athletics, arts, or others).
  • High School transcript (original or certified copy) translated into English.
  • High School grade average (per year and cumulative) translated into English.
  • English language proficiency evaluation.
  • Present two letters of recommendation from High School or College (for whom is transferring college hours).
  • Personal essay including the following items (maximum of two pages):
    • Why do I feel I deserve a scholarship ?
    • What are my objectives in the USA ?
    • What are my plans after completing my education ?
If transferring college or university courses:

College transcript of courses taken and passed translated into English (class programs may be requested).

Once the amount of scholarship is established:

Present proof of financial means (bank statement of similar) to study in the USA for one academic year. This document is necessary for obtaining the F1 student's VISA.

English Proficiency Test:

Participants must present a valid TOEFL test, official or institutional reports are accepted. Tests taken within the last 2 years are accepted. Those who have not taken the official test can take the institutional TOEFL test at a local institute selected by the Representative. The Representative must inform the participant of the selected testing location/s.

Most of Universities requests to present Official TOEFL score report taken within the last 2 years. Please advice to your participants to take Official TOEFL test at least four months before starts study the selected University.

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Important Dates

ACSA maintains a 100% success rate in obtaining scholarship offers for its participants at American institutions. Both partial and full-tuition scholarships (not covering room and meals) are available and offered to participants. In the unlikely event that the participant would not receive at least 7 scholarship offers ranging from $9,500 annual cost to

50% of the participating institutions annual total cost (including room and meals), ACSA will provide a 100% refund of the total cost of the program fee.

The guaranteed number of scholarship offers for the participant's selected field of study makes the ACSA Program unique and has allowed international students to obtain benefits traditionally limited to American residents.

Important Considerations:

  • The Program guarantees obtaining a minimum of 7 scholarship offers.
  • A minimum of 2 offers within a set range of USD $ 8,500 and USD $16,000 to be paid by the participant including housing, meals, and studies.
University total cost USD $24,000
Scholarship USD $14,000
Cost to the student USD $10,000

(Savings per year = USD $14,000 / Savings for the entire career = USD $56,000)

  • A minimum of 5 scholarship offers equal or higher than 50% of the university total cost including housing, meals, and studies.
University total cost USD $30,000
Scholarship USD $15,000
Cost to the student USD $15,000

(Savings per year = USD $15,000 / Savings for the entire career = USD $60,000)

  • Scholarships are awarded based upon each student's academic potential as well as the institutions recruitment needs, their diversity objectives (considering the participant's native country), their evaluation of student records, and the scholarship funds available.
  • As well as working towards specific areas of study, ACSA will also take into consideration the universities and U.S. states of interest listed in the application as a reference since ACSA does not guarantee obtaining scholarships at the selected institutions.
  • The English proficiency test score does not either affect the amount of scholarship or the participant acceptance into the Program. English classes are also covered by the scholarships.
  • The scholarships do not cover costs related to air transportation, health insurance, fees, or books.
  • Scholarships are maintained for the duration of the academic career unless there are disciplinary problems or extremely poor academic performance. Also, there is no obligation for the student to complete the career at the recruiting institution.
  • If a university requires language proficiency for admissions, the institution will reserve the scholarship until the beneficiary achieves the desired proficiency level.
  • No-risk policy for the participant. In other words, if the pre-established conditions are not met or if the participant does not receive any scholarship offers, a full refund of the amount paid by the participant is provided.
  • Available classes' start dates are August (Fall semester) or January (Spring semester). Therefore, final deadlines to submit all documents and complete the student file are March 31th and August 31th of each year.
  • Scholarship offers are valid for up to one year. Example: participants signing before March 31th can choose to begin classes in August of the same year or January of the following year.

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Key Benefits

  • The Program guarantees obtaining 7 scholarships offers that apply towards the academic career selected by the participant.
  • No-risk policy for the participant. In other words, if the pre-established conditions are not met or if the participant does not receive scholarship offerings, a full refund of the amount paid by the participant is provided.
  • ACSA Staff in the U.S. personally represent each student before over 70 institutions. The participant obtains scholarship offers and completes the admission process with the professional assistance from ACSA.
  • ACSA speeds up the admission process once an institution is selected.
  • Once the student selects an institution from the different scholarship offerings, the admission process is started and the student receives the I-20 document directly from the institution.

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U.S. Universities

More than 70 colleges and universities participate in its Programs and currently institutions from 27 different U.S. States have ACSA Students.

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